Here are all our canvases prepared for download and a free online step-by-step guide on how to use them!

User Experience

User Experience Canvas – Your Customer
The “Your Customer” part of the User Experience Canvas will help you to deeply understand and get to know your customer and their experience when using your product.

User Experience Canvas – Your Product

The “Your Product” part of the User Experience Canvas will help you to create a product that you know your customers will buy, love and use.

Monetization Strategy

Monetization Strategy Canvas – Your Company

This canvas will help you and your company with your strategic decisions in how to improve your company.

Monetization Strategy Canvas – Your Product

This canvas will help you to take care of your customers and how to improve your product with your customers in mind. You will also use your math skill and figure out the best way to tweak your product into a revenue earner.

User Centered Design

Profile Canvas

A closer look at your users, this is an expansion from the first Design Strategy Canvas and helps you understand who your users are, and how to create great products for them.

Design Strategy Canvas

The Design Strategy Canvas gives you an overview of your product, and its inteded uses and users. It serves as a common ground for all involved in development of a defined product, and is something to return to and consult during the whole design process. Download the canvas here and let’s get started filling it in!


1. Wall of Fame

2. Our story

3. We vs. Competitors

4. Target image

5. Visual identity

6. Message & Channels

Branding – Introduction

Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas Download

When you have completed all steps you will be ready to put it all together in the Business Model Canvas. This tool will help you to visualize your business model and have it easy accessible for updates!

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